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While fidgeting may currently be a fad, it's serious business for those that suffer with Anxiety, ADD, and ADHD, not to mention some forms of Autism.  Occupational therapist, behavioral therapists and teachers are all using fidget devices to improve hand / eye coordination, small muscle development, and concentration for children and adults that need help with fine motor skills.  

Businesses are allowing employees to "fidget with a purpose" while in meetings and on conference calls. Why?  Because they've noticed a difference!  It's been proven that "mindless fidgeting" occupies a part of your brain that normally disrupts focus.

But wait... that doesn't make any sense!

Actually, it does.  For those of us that suffer with attention issues, it's not that we can't focus, the issue is that we get BORED, so our minds begins to find other ways to amuse itself.  We might make a grocery list or start working on a new design project or planning a birthday party or remember something we should have told our spouse... and these thoughts are much more interesting than the conference call I was supposed to be paying attention to!  Fidget devices are meant to keep that "busy body" part of your brain occupied so that the part that needs to pay attention, can.  

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