Cube* - Original Size - Black/White

Cube* - Original Size - Black/White

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Fidgeting is a healthy habit that people have been doing for hundreds of years. Whether you click your pen, snap your gum, bounce your leg or do some other release of pent-up energy, you’ve been fidgeting!  Research has proven for years that kids with ADHD perform better on their school work, when they are allowed to fidget.  In fact, “Julie Schweitzer, a scientist at UC Davis, studied kids with ADHD while they performed mental tests. The more intensely the kids fidgeted, the higher they scored. (The effect didn’t hold for kids without ADHD.)“ -

For adults with or without ADHD, fidgeting can have health benefits.  While it’s difficult to train yourself to fidget if you aren’t a natural fidgeter, it may be worth it to try.  

“Study of 12,000 UK women found fidgeters could be protecting themselves against effects of sitting for long periods at work.” - The Guardian

“Why is fidgeting so hot? Because it’s an adaptation to desk-bound lifestyles. Society increasingly demands mental work while enforcing unhealthy, sedentary physical habits. Fidgeting is a way to cope.  It also has cognitive benefits.”  

Age Range: 10+
Shape: Cube
Size: 3.3x3.3x3.3cm
Material: Plastic
Warning: Choking Hazard

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